Siap Taste In Mouth

Hello mummies. Any mommies experiencing sour taste/'siap' taste in mouth? Sometimes eating some food will trigger this to me. Or drinking certain sweet drinks like milo/tea for me. Read up it should go away after first trimester but I'm still having it at week 14. Hate the feeling so much. Can't enjoy my food at all.

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Same as me. I'm 14 weeks already. Still sour taste in mouth. Not sure if acid reflux. Throat also feel uncomfortable. Not pain but just not feel good. I thought 2nd trimester all these will b over but not for me. Sour taste especially strong if I eat biscuit. Not sure why. I try sour plum mint sweet... No help.

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constantly had some kind of weird taste in my mouth during 2nd pregnancy that only felt better after consuming fruits especially berries... did not happen during 1st pregnancy... now, my 2nd born loves fruits especially berries but my firstborn detests fruits

I still have it at week 24 currently... Kept using mouthwash to get rid of this sour taste.. But i realise it only triggered when I drink or eat sweet stuff... So could be the reaction to sugary stuff... 😂

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Hi... every pregnant mum is unique. May I suggest you drink lemon or lime water? Might help

3y ago

Thanks for your suggestion. I will try🙏

Ya me too. But it's part of the pregnant journey. I become better after wk 18.

3y ago

Ahhhhhh I hope mine gets better soon too thanks!

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I have it during my pregnancy.

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I also having same taste in mouth but come and go. Try to find the right food to clear away the taste. Maybe u can try mint sweet.

3y ago

I've never tried mint sweets and how it works for me. Thanks! I will get some now and see if it does


Try suck sour plum.

3y ago

Thanks I will try!