6 month Vaccination side effect

Hi mummies, my LO is 6 months and just took his 6in1 and hepb jab this morning. He was very active and cheerful, right after his afternoon nap. He woke up fussy and crying non stop. He got no fever but only want to cling on to his mother and sleep. He have been sleeping so much, if we disturb him he will cry more. Anyone got similar experienced?

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answer solved. In cases any mum get the same issues in future. Jab side effects kicked in only 8-12 hours after and your kid will be sleeping more, fussy and down with slight fever. no worries, just make sure he or she drinks well.

Perhaps, your little one might be feeling discomfort and just need more rest from the vaccine. Just look out for any fever symptoms, for next few days if your little one is the same.