Hunger cues

Hi mummies. My LO is 13weeks already. She is at the stage where she suckles on her fists to soothe herself. Her drinking pattern has also changed, sometimes can be 2 1/2hrs sometimes can be 4hrs. It’s difficult to tell if she’s really hungry, the way she sucks her fist is quite fierce. She’s my first baby and I’m confused and dunno her hunger cues anymore… 😥

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It’s a leap, my LO is 16 weeks and still going thru that. If my LO is hungry she will start to smack her lips (instead of sucking on her fist) or fake cry, then I’ll take an empty bottle teat to see if she wants to drink. (She knows how to differentiate pacifier & bottle teat) Aparts from that, her intake has been on a roller coaster. Her usual intake is 80-100ML/ 2-2.5 hourly. The day before she drank 180ML one shot, subsequently 100-120ML every 1 hourly😰. The next day…. 40ML lasted her 6 hours. Then she took in another 20ML after 6 hours (starts playing with milk). Today…. She drinks 80-100ml every 1-2 hours 🫣

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7mo ago

Nice! 🥰 Mine is still on 80ML 😂

omg, same! thanks for the assurance that im not going through it alone. im still figuring out what are her new hunger cues lol it's been going on for weeks already and she's 14 weeks now