Hello mummies, would like to know when should I stop bfing my LO? How to go about it? I am a little tired of latching and pumping already. But I love the bonding with my baby. Just wonder when I should stop. My lo is currently 13mth plus. Milk intake still remains at 400ml or more per day. Not sure when i should stop.

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Good job on persevering so long. I have been on fix feeding and aimed at 6 months which has now passed and I slowly lengthen the time inbetween to 8hrs now. Personal preference as to when u wana stop, 1 yo is quite an ok time to stop alrdy actually. U can slowly lengthen the time interval. U can also reduce the minutes u pump each time till u can drop one pump. Have milk killers, put cold cabbage, don't empty the boobs each time

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There's no right or wrong time to stop bf. I stopped when my child turned 1 and I have a friend that stopped when her child turn 7! If you enjoy the bond with your baby, maybe you can stop pumping but continue to latch and see how you go from there.

when you feel that you need more rest and me-time, it's time to let go. more often than not, it's us who refuse to let go of this relationship. there are many other ways to bond with our LOs :)

U can stop anytime you want.