Has anyone took dostinex to stop breastfeeding? I would like to use it, but I am also a bit hesitant. Should I stop feed my boy hoping the milk will stop? Or should I make the milk stop to be able to stop breastfeeding? I believe in the first, but then again, my breast will hurt and I will need to pump the milk out to make the pain go away. Vicious circle. Any advice?

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The consumption of Dostinex may cause certain side effects to your body. You may wish to read more here: http://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-14605/dostinex-oral/details I have also heard of some mummies who use Dostinex and have problem lactating for subsequent pregnancies. This is something which you may want to consider. You may wish to try other options like stretching out your pump timings, reducing the pump duration, or cold compress by inserting cold cabbage in your bra. Lesser stimulation means lesser milk production, doing it gradually may be a better choice.

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im currently prescribed the same meds. would love to know how it went as just like you, im nervous about taking it too. thank you!