Hi mummies, would like to know at what month can a baby use a walker?

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I use on my baby during 6 months to 11 months. 11 months let them play in play yard and they will ownself stand up and train walking. Using walker is up to ur comfort. As not all parents wants their child to use it. I find it ok to use as we use to use it too.

Walkers stifle child's movements love. Contraptions are invented for adult's ease. I agree to Gary. Let ur baby do lots of tummy time. For all u know, they will be up and about in no time😊

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Let baby do more tummy time to build strength to crawl and sit . Eventually will stand and walk

Walkers are actually not recommended. You might want to skip it totally.

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I bought a walker instead but haven’t use it yet

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Better to let baby crawl and slowly learn walking


My baby start using when she's 5 month old.

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i bought for her when she's 7 months old

I wouldn't recommend using one at all