Prenatal Vitamins

Hi mummies, would like to ask, Prenatal Vitamins still need to take after giving birth during breast feeding period?

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My gynae recommends taking vitamins & fish oil for as long as I'm breastfeeding, as they can get transferred to the milk. Plus my body will use up a lot of calcium to produce milk so if I don't take supplement it might be bad for my bones.


I took prenatal fish oil and multi vit. Calcium I got it from gnc. My nurse mention its better to take supplements during bfing especially fish oil with dha.

Hey, Yes, better to continue taking supplements for couple of months after giving birth

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It’s better to take! Good for mummies to replenish nutrients from breastfeeding.

Best to take to replenish your health especially during breastfeeding

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Yes continue to take as there is still increased nutritional needs

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Yes do continue to take your supplements

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I stopped but took maternal milk

I will take it. its beneficial

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Yes, good to continue taking