Im worried

Hi mummies, last year on 14 june 2021 i was 6week 5 day and i miscarriage bfore and now im at my 6 weeks. How can i be more careful with this pregnancy? I haven seen any doctor yet, thinking to go only when i reach 8 weeks.

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I think since you had your worries, please go and see the dr. I am having my first, and I only went to see the dr at 12 weeks because MIL said don't go too early 🥲🥴 but I get folid acid throughout before I went to the dr. I was afraid to be so kanchiong so I serahkan to Allah, kalau ada ada kalau tkde tkde gitu. so when I go see Dr at 12 weeks. Alhamdullilah the baby dah all formed so mcm i felt more assured/relieved. Also, good thing to go early maybe because you can find out if it is ectopic pregnancy ke tk, masa tu i tk terpkir pun. Like i said I legit serahkan kat Allah. Dr will advice better lah but abit scary because some will experience nmpk waterbag but no baby yet sbb too early so that will cause you to mcm worry more sbb tk nmpk lgk. So i suggest, to be really calm and safe at the early stage. Don't stress and expect too much since you have experienced MC. Serah kat Allah, InshaAllah

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I rmb when I miscarried, my doctor say usually it happens bc there is some chromosome issue or genetic issue. Sadly it’s not something we can control.. but I agree with the other ladies. For my 2nd pregnancy, I went to doctor at 5 weeks. Doctor will see if you need to take progesterone pills. I had early scans for the 2nd pregnancy because my previous miscarriage happened when I was seeing my obs already. :) maybe can go back to your previous doc, never too early!

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For me, I had mc 5mths before I conceive again. I wil go gynae the moment I find out cos they can take blood tests and see ur readings for ur hormone levels. This will help them determine if u need to increase progesterones for baby's development. Also do lessen down on ur activities and rest more too until u see gynae and get advice k. All the best mummy. Banyak kan selawat and semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan. Bismillah. Ameen.🤲🏽.

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hi dear, i've went thru this part. 3rd pregnancy which is unplan and i decided to go private clinic for better checkup. u may want to try. means doctor tu fully jaga kandungan u and also diri u jugak. taking jabs every week till im at 12weeks. alhamdulillah i've passed the 12weeks. mase tu decide to go private clinic sbb hospital appt kene tgu lame sgat.

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I think u still can call to visit doctor. I visit in my week 4 as I have some spotting. Doctor will provide medicine for u to stable bb. Coz u have past history of miscarriage, so visit early if u can. If not try to ask to WFH so u can rest on bed more. I was advise to take medicine and WFH at that moment.

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If you worry, you shd not wait.. At least something can be prescribed to support your pregnancy. You shd be on folic acid by now as well..

Thank you for all the replys mummy! I will visit the doc soon. btw i have taken the folic acid. ☺️

should go asap, so the doctor can prescribe you medicine to ensure your pregnancy is more stable