Vomiting throughout pregnancy

Hi mummies, so I’ve heard many saying they vomited throughout all 9 months of pregnancy. Just curious, is it everyday/ how many times per day? 😣 and does the vomiting issue stop right after birth or do you still feel bouts of nausea after bb is born?

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Hey Mummy! Vomiting during early pregnancy is normal but it usually stops after the 16-20th week. Once or twice a day vomiting can happen, but if exceeds that, it usually means an underlying health condition that needs to be addressed. Better to have regular check ups with your doctor and share any symptoms you may have all throughout your term. Stay safe always!

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1y ago

Sooo i started vomiting on week 6, 8x a day till week 13. Week 13-14: 20x a day Week 15-16: 30++x a day Week 17-20: 10x a day Week 21-32(now): 4-5x a day Haven’t had a day without vomiting since 19 Feb 😪 my gynae isn’t worried cos baby and everything is healthy and somehow I’m magically gaining weight! Just wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me….

omg did you guys vomitted? 😅 di ko yun naranasan, sorry pero grabe pang amoy ko 😅