Been vomiting everyday

I’m into my week 8 and have been vomiting 3-6 times everyday. Is it normal? Took diclectin but didnt help much. How many times do you vomit a day on average during 1st trimester?

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6 times is too many. You might be dehydrated as well. Are you weak from all the vomitting? Otherwise, do go to A&E. Don't let your stomach go empty. The empty it is the more nausea you'll feel. Take some plain biscuits or porridge. If you can't drink plain water go for fruit juice or for now you can also drink non-gas 100% or Isotonic drinks to hydrate your body.

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2y ago

Thanks for the tip! So far dont think im dehydrated yet because i managed to sip water. Will try to have plain biscuits every few hrs to see if it helps!

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I vomited 1-2 times a day but I have friends who had it much worse. It varies and is normal.. hopefully it gets better for you after the first trimester.