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Hello mummies! I’ve been expressing my milk since I gave birth. It’s has been 5 months now. Is there a way to increase breastmilk supply? Is it still possible? Do share with me any tips. Thanks in advance :)

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Super Mum

Hi Mama, Leaving you a link to an article that has plenty of ways to try and help you increase your supply. It’s not too late! Good luck!

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3mo ago

Most welcome!

try the different milk boosters listed on internet. some may work, some will not. take note of those that work and increase your intake. secondly, latch or pump more frequently.

3mo ago

Thank you mummy for your advice. Will check on milk booster. 🙂

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Can try lactation bakes or legendairy supplements ◡̈ I have a few mummy friends who swears by legendairy supplements