Fear of labour, anyone going through this?

Hi mummies, i've always had a fear of pain in the lower region and invasive procedures like transvaginal ultrasound freak me out. I've always told myself that vaginal birth is not for me and i'd definitely go for csect. Now that i'm pregnant for the first time and 2-3 months away from giving birth, i'm seriously considering vaginal delivery as my gynae thinks it's in my best interest to do so especially when there's no special reason to opt for csect. But reading up on things like membrane sweeps, dilation checks, tearing and stitching of the vagina is making me feel so worried and afraid of what's coming. I think the idea of experiencing pain in the vagina and having foreign objects inserted really creeps me out. Sometimes i still feel like i should insist on a csect. Anyone going through the same fears? Any advice? And if i really want to opt for csect ar the end of the day, is it my right? Can my gynae turn me down? Any advice or sharing of experiences would be helpful. Thanks mummies.

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If you want to go for csec just let your gynae noe? I was more worried about paying double. No doubt i was afraid of pain as well, i went for vaginal delivery. I didnt have membrane sweeps n dilation check during my apptment. Only when i was at hosp then they did dilation check. I took epidural late so it could be the reason why i didnt feel any pain at all when i deliver. Even after epidural went off the next day, i didnt experience any pain. End of the day is really up to u!

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9mo ago

were the dilation checks as bad as ppl make them out to be?