Natural birth or csect

I'm 40 yo and this is my first baby. I have always intended to opt for normal vaginal delivery if possible because of cost and i also wanted to experience what it feels Iike giving birth. But lately, my gynae suggested me to opt for csect because of my age. He said csect will be 100% safe for baby but vaginal birth will carry a 2% risk. Appreciate any advice.

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i was 39 when i gave birth to my 1st baby and i am diabetic before pregnant. gynae strongly advice me to go natural, they even prep me for natural but due to Preeclampsia at 38th week, gynae induce me hoping to go all natural but 3x induce baby still dont want to come out. ended up with emergency c sect. see how ur prenancy progress is... to me both natural or csect depends on individual and of course at times ur gynae advice play a part as well. hope ur pregnancy goes well and have a safe delivery ya..

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I had gd with my first pregnancy i was 36 years was big so doc say to induce at 37 weeks. Listen to doc advice if they recommend that c-sect is better for you than go for c-sect. I insisted on vaginal delivery i had 2nd degree tear n a painful recovery. Im currently pregnant with my 2nd child, this time round im opting for c-sect. Trust your doctor advice always.

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Hi I’m 40 and edd in mid oct. gynae told me that she will discuss w me next week if I should b induced at weeks 38-39, mainly due to age and I have mild GD. She said there is lower risk of stillbirth like this….

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Will see wat my gynae says when I visit her this week. She didn’t make it sound dangerous but just wanted be careful I guess

I’m 39, giving birth at 40. I have no health issues- no cholesterol, no diabetes or high blood. I’m definitely going for natural birth. It’s your call basically. You know your body well..

My mum gave birth at 39 years old naturally and both mother and son was safe and healthy.

Your doctor and your own body will know better. Everyone is different.

listen to ur gynae to avoid double billing