Nuchal Cord

I am 36 weeks along and since a few weeks back the gynae has noted that the umbilical cord is around the baby's neck on ultrasound. I understand this can be common so I just have to make sure there are fetal movements every day. This has caused a bit of anxiety on my part because I will panic a little if I noticed baby's movements are lesser on a particular day. Gynae has mentioned that i can still go for vaginal birth but if there is any distress, she will have to perform emergency csect. Now I am thinking if I should just opt for elective csect straight. Partly due to my fear of vaginal birth (I am a ftm and it just sounds scary) and partly for the safety of the baby and relieve my daily anxiety. Sometimes I do feel guilty for leaning towards csect. Any moms have experienced this before and can give me some advice?

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Super Mum

I can understand your anxiety and if I’m in ur shoe, I will feel the same as you. Maybe you can check with ur gynae what’s the cost difference elective csect and normal + emergency csect ? Don’t feel guilty for opting csect. We all want the best for our child. For me, as Long as my child is born safely, I don’t care whether it’s natural or csect. Of course natural is always my first choice. But if circumstance don’t permit, csect is ok too! Don’t be too hard on urself mummy!

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Super Mum