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Hi mummies... im now 8wks pregnant..but having alot of issues..excessive saliva in my mouth which it wont get away even wen im asleep...bloatedness and nausea feeling that makes my tastebud gone wrong..i cant even eat proper meal..and sometimes i will vomit nothing but jaz orangey fluid..im so sick and tired of this...please help and advise wat shud i do?

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Excessive saliva is normal when you have morning sickness. Also normal to feel all the above in the early stage of pregnancy. Eat bland meals like porridge or snacks like plain biscuits. Take smaller meals but frequent. If plain water tastes funny to you, take 100 plus (non-gas) or any isotonic/sports drink to keep you hydrated. Orangey fluid is your acid reflux. Because you had nothing and you threw up, that's what was left. The more empty your tummy is, the more nauseous you will feel. You can buy the anti-nausea sea band that are sold in Guardian. The band presses on the temple on your wrist so it kinda help to you to curb the nausea or ask your gynae for the anti-vomit pills. Some home remedies might not work for you. Hang in there! 5 more weeks to 2nd trimester. Hopefully no more morning sickness if you're lucky enough!

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Very normal. I went through all of the things that you've stated above with my first pregnancy. You need more rest and eat every 1-2 hours... don't take on a big bites, just a small bites will do. Can be anything, as long as you are able to swallow it... macam kunyah² gitu. Perut jangan biarkan kosong 😊 Nnt lama² da ok

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2y ago

thanks dear

Hi there, I had the same issues, it should slowly subside as you progress towards end of first tri, hang in there! I didn’t have appetite to eat anything except fruits, perhaps you can try, abit of snacks is fine too so long you moderate your intake, hope you’ll feel better soon!

2y ago

Not too sure about the isotonic drinks. For fresh fruit juice, usually seller would add abit of water to dilute it? I would recommend actual fruit instead so that you get some fibre as well or perhaps you can explore soup as alternative so you get some nutrients out of it

Normal sis. U try mintak doctor diclectin. It helped me with the vomitting. Im with twins so the vomitting was super duper bad in my 1st trimester. Makan or no makan also vomit. Now better Alhamdulillah

Hi , its normal to feel that way . U may wanna let your gynae know -when u going for appointment . They can prescribed u some medcine . I drank some ginger tea previously to help me with my nausea .

2y ago

she told me to try the ginger ale or something..i will give it a try...thank u

thank u so much...