Saliva during pregnancy

Anyone facing excessive saliva during your preganancy journey ? In week 14 now but the saliva in mouth still a lot and cause a lot irritating. Asked doctor and he say no medicine for this. Every 10second have to spit out the saliva. Totally cannot talk in the meeting. Pls help what should I do. When this symptom will away ?

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when my mum had me (30+ years ago), she had excessive salivia all the way till i came out. No meds for this unfortunately. She shared she had to frequently go spit.

Yup I had quite a few days I had excessive saliva, I took dried orange skin (the sour kind) to help. Otherwise hard candy helps. Jia you mummy!

Yes! Mine especially at night. It got better nowadays. I just kept swallowing it. Lol. Try to see if you can distract yourself by doing other things?

6mo ago

better spit it out. swallow will make me feel like want vomit. how many week get you feel better ?

Week 15 now and im still spitting saliva every few minutes. Really disruptive and i heard a few cases that they spit saliva till they gave birth 😟

4mo ago

hi! any luck with the saliva issue now? i bring a spit cup out and about... really distressed about it and have been researching a lot but nothing seemed to help.

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Same! I had more saliva and metal taste in my mouth during pregnancy 😩

6mo ago

how many week you are in now ?