Excessive saliva issue

Hi mummies...im 13weeks now and im still having this excessive saliva...when will it go away?? Its just so hard for me to endure it...i keep counting days and waiting for me to be able to swallow my saliva and talk as per normal.. i really feel lyk crying my heart out as im having difficulties communicating with others...my mouth is always full of saliva and whenever i want to talk its just so hard for me!!!

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Keep in pocket some candy. It helps abit. I also hate this feeling, like i talk halfway i need to swallow my mouthful of saliva.

It is normal. I had it all three trimesters

1y ago

how did u manage? i just cant even handle this. and im a frontliner which i need to communicate with others..im going to start work soon as my hosp leave is going to be over.. i dont know how to face this at work later