20 week detailed scan

Hi mummies, im having my 20week detailed scan on coming monday. Would like to ask how does it work? I go into the room for the ultrasound, would my hubby be allowed into the room as well? Heard that itll take a long time. After that ive another appointment with my gynae and the timing diff is only 15mins? Scan at 1030 and doc appt at 1045... so im quite confuse if its just a regular scan or a detailed one...

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For kkh, you will go into the room alone for the scan 1st. After the scan, you husband will be allowed in, to join you for a quick update. The duration of the scan depends on how cooperative your baby is. Usually takes about 30-45min. Mine took a few hours, cause baby refuse to cooperate. So got send out twice for a walk and have some food and walk more.

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NUH or Camden Medical (private), husband can be with you throughout the scan. Scan duration really depends on how cooperative your baby is. My first born took 5hrs (have to wait for others to scan before its my turn again at NUH), second one took ~45mins at Camden Medical (private, baby was cooperative).

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I’m with KKH and my scanning probably started at 10am+. It went past the consultation’s timing as the baby is not turning over for the inspection of his spine. It was only after I had my lunch, went back for the scan (baby turned by then 😂) then went for my consultation. The doctor was still in by then.

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2y ago

is your husband able to be inside the room with you?

I recently had my 20 weeks scan at Mount E, Novena as I'm consulting with a Pvt. Clinic. We had an appointment around 11 but the ultrasound started around 12 and it lasted for about 35mins, but the timing really depends on how well the baby co-operates, and yes, can have Hubby inside the scan room.

I just did my 20weeks scan last month at kkh and they only allow your husband to be in during the last 5mins only just to let them see the baby. If baby not active they will ask you to grab a snacks and drink milo and come back around 45mins later. Everything will be done around 30 to 45mins.

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Are you with govt hosp? Not sure how it works for govt hosp but i am with private gynae. Husband managed to sit thru to c the whole detailed scan. Cant remember how long it took but i rmb they allocated around an hour to me i tink. I rmb i was the last patient before they went lunch!

It depends on your baby how he/she cooperates 😅 Lucky my baby was active so we could see him move from the start till the end of the scan. It took me 20-30 minutes thru a detailed scan. And yes my hubby follows inside the room too. Im with NUH subsidised

Mine was at Mt E Novena, took about 20-25mins. Hubby was with me throughout. The female technician explained to us in details what she saw and I asked quite a lot of questions. 😂 After scan, back to clinic on 8th floor


kkh. took about 30-40 mins. hubby was allowed in for the last part, for the last 10 mins i thjnk. he was there when sonographer told us the gender

I'm at mt e novena. hub can follow throughout. I think mine was 20min.. then back to gynae clinic at mt e novena too