How to juggle work and take care baby together

Hi mummies, Im glad that my boss allow me to work from home still after my maternity leave. However, I am taking care baby at the same time. At times, i looking at my new born i feel sorry to her that i couldnt giv her my full attention. i feel so sad and useless that i cant give her the best. i couldnt be full time mom as we are not a very rich family and there are alot of commitments. i am not willing to send her to infant care yet. i am so lost everyday.. ☹️

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hi mummy, don’t say that. you are giving her the best by working and earning, which provides her with necessities and even toys - that itself is already you doing the best for her, just that you have to shift your perspective to see it that way. a full time mom is not necessarily the best for some families!

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I think it’s already great that you can wfh and sneak in to see your bb now and then, baby can sense your presence even if you are not engaging her. Don’t beat yourself up, comparing to many mummies who have to wfo, I think you’ve got yourself a good deal being able to work and see baby all day😊