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Hi mummies, I'm a ftm and a pretty young one too - 22yo. I'm worried im not able to cope caring for my LO all by myself! My mother has to work as well as my husband, and I'm left with my MIL. But i don't quite like the way she is n how she keeps doing/saying things as tho she wants to take my child from me (very long story). Should i just put my ego down n close both eyes n let my MIL take care of my LO or should i just take care of her myself? My concern is, sometimes my LO cries a lot when she's not sleeping and ive done everything -burping, changing diaper, feeding. but she still cries... which kind of stresses me n I'm so tired from pumping every 2hours if not I'll have engorgement which is also very uncomfortable.

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Im also a young ftm, and my boy is 15.5 months now. When my boy was a newborn i was only 18.5 years old, i didnt have any help at all cause no one in the family knew how to take care of a baby. My mil didnt want to offer any help as well, and always complain tiring when i only asked her to look after my son for 3-4 hours ONCE IN AWHILE (maybe 1-2 times in a few months). My husband didnt have a job and was lazy, even at home also didnt bother helping me. So i used up all my sleep to be able to take care of baby alone during confinement and after confinement every single day until he turned 14 months, i pump every 3 hours too and latch him on demand. After awhile, your body kinda gets used to it, hence it'll be easier.. So mummy do not give up, I believe youll be able to do it πŸ’ͺ🏻

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