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Hi mummies, I'm a ftm and a pretty young one too - 22yo. I'm worried im not able to cope caring for my LO all by myself! My mother has to work as well as my husband, and I'm left with my MIL. But i don't quite like the way she is n how she keeps doing/saying things as tho she wants to take my child from me (very long story). Should i just put my ego down n close both eyes n let my MIL take care of my LO or should i just take care of her myself? My concern is, sometimes my LO cries a lot when she's not sleeping and ive done everything -burping, changing diaper, feeding. but she still cries... which kind of stresses me n I'm so tired from pumping every 2hours if not I'll have engorgement which is also very uncomfortable.

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hi mummy, I had my first at 22 also. because I was young, my in-laws tried to help me a lot but I think best is if we are still the primary caregiver with baby being comfortable with the grandparents. sometimes when other help us with our baby, it's hard to ask them to do it the same as us. it's hard to take care of a newborn in the beginning but it will get better. hang in there!

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