Hi mummies im a ftm here. Will be giving birth in june! May i know if KKH will allow my fiancé in the delivery room while i give birth? Or he cant be inside ?

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Just gave birth at kk. Yes. They allow 1 person in the OT, provided the person is not sick. For ward, only A1 can allow to stay in (provided not sick). The rest all allow 1 visitor to stay until visiting hours.

if he is your baby daddy, they will allow. theyre not gonna ask you to prove that hes your husband or anything, it's not their problem.

Im guessing should be allowed for natural delivery. Best is if u call them up for an answer tho.

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my boyfriend was with me in the labour suite. on that day itself they won’t bother

Yes, he can be with u if he is the father of baby

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Dun allow