Hi , im currently 33 weeks old, and is wondering if husb can be in the delivery room with me when i give birth at kkh or will i be alone in the Delivery room instead?

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It depends on the country. The current country I live in, public hospital has a no-no policy due to pandemic. However, in private hospital, your partner has to pay for him/herself to do thorough screening for the virus before being allowed to even enter the maternity ward.

2y ago

Kkh is in sg?

husband can be with you in delivery suite for natural birth. but husband not allowed when injecting epidural. they will be asked to leave the suite until epidural is done. I jus gave birth at KKH in May. Jus make sure your husband put on his mask.

7d ago

may I know why husband are not allowed during epidural and C-section?

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Husband can stay in the delivery room, as I am going to delivery soon my doc asked weather u want to stay in or not .. he hv to do some swab tests before in .

Usually can be together but due to the current situation uncertain will the hospital impose restrictions. Better check with the hospital.

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yes, pero suggex sa kin ni OB. as long as support system mo sya, ksi u might get distracted while giving birth pag nakikita mo syang worried sau. :)

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Husband can go into the delivery suite together with you, no worries on that. but that is for Natural delivery ya.

if kkh c-sect only private patient then ur hubby is allowed.. sub class patient c-sect hubby not allowed in OT

yes can im 33 weeks also and gonna deliver at NUH. thank god husband can stay inside thr delivery room

ur husband can be with u during natural birth in KKH and even cut the unbilical cord if he wants to.

KKH allows you to have your husband, family member is mum or your slibing with you at labour room