What i need to do when its time to give birth ? Im a KKH patient .

Hi mummies , FTM here , just wondering. When we 1st reached kkh when we have contraction or about to give birth. Where do we go to ? All i know is just go straight to level 2 delivery suite. After that what will they do ? Anything i need to bring along ? May i know what you guys bring inside your hospital bag ? As i dont want to overpacked the items. And can we shower our baby before discharge or just wipe down ? Thanks for all the replies. Im 30 weeks now , so quiet nervous as we dont know when the baby will come can be early or exact EDD right ?

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When you are about to give birth, you will feel the nerve near the tail bone there stretching, Very hard to sleep or stand. Yeah. You just need to go to the KKH delivery suit at level 2 for normal delivery or level b1 admission for day surgery (Csect patients). Bring a long your admission booklet. They will monitor how much your cervix have been dilated, baby’s heart beat and the rest of your vital signs… Bring a long your excited husband, your comforting toy(chou chou) and your hospital bag. Inside the hospital bag, you should have your 1 set of discharged clothings for you and your lo, Baby wrap, P.P underwear, Super long and leak proof pads for P.P bleeding, phone charger, comb, towel and toiletries…But KKH does provide toiletries if you don’t mind using their’s. (: Take care and smooth delivery!!

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yes level 2 delivery suite. they will assess your symptoms, monitor your contractions, bb’s heartbeat, and check your cervix dilation. depending on how close you are to labour, they might send you home or wheel you straight to delivery room. bring along your hospital bag with your clothes, bb’s clothes, your toiletries, chargers, snacks for hubby (cos you won’t be able to eat). kotex overnight panties was a must for me. breast pump to start stimulating your milk, or you can borrow from hospital. hospital provides bb diapers, wipes (and formula for bb if needed). you can, but i would suggest not to shower or wipe bb in hospital, but once you reach home as hospital is quite cold for bb’s newborn body. don’t risk bb catching a cold but up to each parents preference.

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