Second trimester baby bump

Hi mummies! This is my first pregnancy and at week 15 now and sometimes when I lie down on my back I feel that I’m not pregnant at all haha. So I get paranoid and question whether I’m really pregnant or not. Also due to the fact that we can’t feel baby’s heartbeat or movement yet. Any mummies experience this paranoia too?

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Same! I'm a first time mom, it's Week 10 now. My fridge never had a smell (plus there are 2 dehumidifiers inside), and my husband doesn't smell anything from it at all, but since the start of pregnancy, I've been gagging every time we open the fridge. So when I get unsure and need to 'feel' my pregnancy, I test myself with the fridge. Gagging means a good sign. 🤣

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3mo ago

😂 that’s really funny and a good way to test!!