Second trimester baby bump

Hi mummies! This is my first pregnancy and at week 15 now and sometimes when I lie down on my back I feel that I’m not pregnant at all haha. So I get paranoid and question whether I’m really pregnant or not. Also due to the fact that we can’t feel baby’s heartbeat or movement yet. Any mummies experience this paranoia too?

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hello! I'm in my week 14 👋🏻can I ask if you Mommies sleep on your stomach since it's still flat? my fav sleeping position is to lie on my stomach and I still do that a lot... any idea if it's dangerous for baby?

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Same for me! Im at wk 16 but always feel paranoid if baby is there or not haha

2mo ago

Glad I’m not alone in this 😅 hope we can feel our babies’ movements soon!

Definitely! I was completely flat too and I look forward to the scans to see how my baby was doing. I always wondered if there'll be a heartbeat every scan. In a few more weeks, you'd slowly start to feel movements and that's when it starts being more real.

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Same! I'm a first time mom, it's Week 10 now. My fridge never had a smell (plus there are 2 dehumidifiers inside), and my husband doesn't smell anything from it at all, but since the start of pregnancy, I've been gagging every time we open the fridge. So when I get unsure and need to 'feel' my pregnancy, I test myself with the fridge. Gagging means a good sign. 🤣

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2mo ago

😂 that’s really funny and a good way to test!!

I know that feeling..I felt the same way too!

I also have the same feeling until I felt baby’s movement at Week 20. And once you feel it you can never stop feeling it haha.

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I had the same thoughts too. More over I didn't have any morning sickness or vomiting either. My mom and few elders used to say they were triggered by the smell of boiling rice. But I had none. So I used to get worried too if everything is alright with me and the baby. Now I'm week 21 and I can feel the pregnancy. The baby's movements and also trouble when lying down and getting up 😁

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Very common for 1st time mums. You'll not feel any baby's movements until a later stage though some might have felt at 17th week or so. But you'll still feel some flutters, bubbles or poppings in your tummy. For subsequent mums, we feel it earlier. I felt mine at the 10th week. Also, your bump is smaller as it's your 1st pregnancy. That means your uterus has just started to stretch with this pregnancy. Your bump will be bigger with your subsequent pregnancies. And also do note that all bumps are different in sizes and there is nothing to worry about as long as your baby is growing well & healthy inside.

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I feel the same as you. Currently at 16 weeks. Can't feel baby movement yet. Always looking forward to the next checkup to see baby's heartbeat and scan.

I felt really pregnant when I reach 23 weeks of pregnancy. 😂