Hi mummies , Im currently fully breastfeeding , but supply is dropping . Im thinking to start with mixed feeding with formula. Would like to know which brand of formula milk is suitable for mixed feeling that LO won't reject FM and BM ( after I started with it) . Thanks .

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I ask my PD previously the same question. she mentioned that NAN is somewhat to the bitter end so baby might reject whereby similac is on the other sweeter end. Dumex is known for its prebiotics which protect the gut hence aid in hard stool. I am in the similar scenario mixing Dumex w my dropping BM supply. I just pump whatever I have & give it as a mix till date as my LO has to latch to sleep at night. if baby is more than 6mths, you can ask for samples. the day you plan to start formula, remember to do a mix starting w a higher proportion of BM to FM then slowly reducing to fully FM.

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Hi, I think there is not a more suitable fm brand as they are all created almost equal w baby's nutritional needs in mind. I come across instances where baby prefers fm to bm but some do not like the taste of fm so it was hard for parents to find the brand baby ok to drink. So it's up to u to choose, any brand is good - in my mummies chat group, a lot Are using enfamil, friso and nan. U can call the companies for samples so that u can try first and not waste in case baby don't like the taste

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The closest brand to BM is Nan OptiPro. You can request for sample first before purchasing your first tin https://www.nestlebaby.com.sg/sg/our-products/our-brands/nan-premium-follow-up-milk?gclid=CMXToOygy88CFY6WvQodk3IGQg&gclsrc=aw.ds. Try out OptiPro first if baby becomes intolerant then try out OptiPro HA. If your child is below 6 months, please email them and request for sample instead. Start off with alternate feeding to allow baby to get used to the formula.

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take galact granules with milk twice a day.. this will help enhance ur breast milk production.. remember nothing is better than breast milk for baby

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my son is 13month old... n still I breast feed him along with other diets... this GALACT GRANULES is really very good... also intake lot of Dal this also enhances milk production

Nan pro is much closer to BM. I had started giving Nan to my lil one when my BM supply started reducing.

NAN is closer BM. I fully BF until 9 months and choose NAN to start mix feeding. So far its good

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i fed my baby Nan HA....till today...LO is 8mnths and ive never changed brands

s26 po try nio po yan bngy ko sa baby ko nung wala ng lalabas.na milk skin

I use similac spit-up