Cerelac + formula milk?

Hi my baby will turn 6months old soon and was thinking to start off with cerelac. However can i mixed cerelac with formula (Similac)?? Anyone doing this??? Help? And i dont understand 1Tablespoon feeding means? Just one table spoon of the cerelac is enough?

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Yes, I did tt when I just started my baby on solids at 5 mths aft gotten green light frm PD. I make his formula first or use breastmilk and mix it with a few scoops of plain Cerelac. I started with 2 scoops of cerelac. Started off with half-half proportion and slowly reduced the milk and up the cereal portion once he got used to the taste. Baby may reject at first but keep on giving every day. I also intro him to pumpkin, avocado and banana separately (both in puree form and whole cut fruits so that he can feel the varied textures).

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9mo ago

How much of the formula did you use?

Started with 2 scoop cerelac and 1 scoop formula. Slowly increase the number of scoops for cerelac but kept the milk portion to just 1. Really depends on ur baby. If he seems to reject at first, can give more milk portion. Baby's first solids is just to let baby be familiar with the texture and not to substitute milk yet.

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Super Mum

Hi mama, use 1 tablespoon of cerelac. For the formula milk, mix the formula with water - just enough to make the cerelac pasty - and pour to mix.