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pressure from my mother..
My mother always keeps on demoralising me in everything especially when it comes to parenting my daughter. She is always saying that I am not a very good mother inspite of me doing everything on my ow
I think taking her to a psychiatrist is the best option as she seems to have built up a resentment of lifetime.
Sit her down and let her know how you feel.
starting martial arts training
I had taken my four year old daughter for a martial arts class, she says she likes it but all the other kids in the class are much older than her. I am confused now whether I should continue taking he
In my opinion, playing with older players actually makes the younger person strive to make themselves better.
I would let her continue if I were you. It’s important to develop her interest :) moreover, since she’s the youngest in class, the coaches will look out for her more?
Early learning of simple life skills.
I have started teaching gardening and simple domestic chores like setting the dinner table, stacking vegetables and fruits, folding clothes to my three year old. Is it okay or am I putting too much p
You are doing the right thing! Having said that, if someday he doesn’t want to participate, don’t force him. Let him help your or se me you doing chores and participate by choice.