How to stop nausea

Hi, ftm here. I’m 7 weeks pregnant, I get nauseous almost every meal time. Any suggestion on how to reduce the nausea feeling? I didn’t take nausea meds cz it makes me very drowsy and I still have to work. Thank you

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I find ginger honey tea helps me and jus one toast or few crackers. Fruits like apple, banana and orange is more appealing to me too especially when im constantly feeling nausea

You may eat fruits, drink plenty water, take sour plum to reduce nausea. But dont be too dependent on sour plum. Hopefully it will go by when you reach 2nd tri.

I just found this at guardian and took 2 pills. It works for me. I’m nauseous when awake so this has been really good!

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Hi, Try to Take small bites don’t leave your tummy empty. Drink lots of water.