bring for hospital bag .

hi mummies , any idea what to bring for hospital bag ?

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Super Mum

For the delivery suite: Your and your husband’s ICs Your delivery documents +/- any cord blood banking documents +/- some snacks for your husband. My deliveries were both at ungodly hours.. lol. So the food came in handy for my husband. For baby: 1 set of clothes 1 swaddle +/- mittens and booties, hat +/- baby carrier (I found it really useful, as I brought baby home with it) (They usually let you bring home the pack of diapers and wipes that baby used) For you: Phone, powerbank 1 set of clothes (nursing wear is convenient, because baby will want to feed any time) 1 set of undergarments (I found nursing bra and maternity underwear useful, former for feeding, and latter is more comfortable, esp. if you have a C-section) (They usually let you bring home the pack of maternity pads that you used) +/- breastfeeding cushion. I brought for my second delivery because I realised it had made a world of difference in my breastfeeding.. and absolutely no regrets. My super hungry baby fed every 30-60minutes, so she would lay on the nursing cushion, feed then sleep. Bonus: Download the Moments of Life app before delivery, so that when you hit the ward and they give you the birth registration number, you can use the app to register the birth + CDA/baby bonus/bank account+ baby library card immediately. Super convenient:)

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