Hi mummies.. i am planning to wean my little one from breastmilk and transit to formula milk.... Any recomended FM ?my toddler is now 1 year old... Many thanks in advance:)

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i like Friso and my baby took it well during transition..not too sweet too..


during my toddler I also very curious about which milk is good and also will my little one love it . .. what i do is i will try to req sample and try few brand . but my sons both prefer friso milk powder. if u wan can req sample and let ur little one try out first . below is the link of the sample my son like . https://shop.friso.com.sg/english/sampleproduct/sampleproduct/view

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You can try NAN. it's closest to breastmilk

you can use fresh milk since ur LO is 1year old already

3y ago

thanks for your reply. what brand of freshmilk is good for toddler 1 year old? thanks

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Similac total comfort

Dumex mamil gold

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1 yo can take fresh milk already. My lo is taking now fernleaf full cream milk.

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Hi... you can feed your child fresh milk. Try magnolia

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