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Hi mummies.. I will be a mum of two soon.. my child will be exactly 2 years apart. I gave birth in 2021, with emergency csect. As I went through a lot of grey snapshots of my labour, after birth I prolly had a mild depression or baby blue. It took me months to recover. Even though I was traumatised, I do want to have another child. Now that I’m pregnant for my second one, because of my traumatised moments during labour from the previous one. I right away wanted my labour to be csect. Because maybe I know how the process works and such. But people around me ask me to go for natural birth. I felt disheartened and taken aback because they don’t know what I went through and it’s traumatic. Therefore I don’t want to go through natural birth because I don’t know what to expect and I don’t want to go through another traumatising moments again. If anyone can share you thoughts or views, so that I can enjoy my second pregnancy in peace and happy. 🥺🥺

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you're exactly like me. me too went for emergency csect and my 2nd one is csect too cos i dont wanna go through natural. i had depression and it made me not connect with my 1st born, took me months to recover as well. right now ive learnt to not care what others have to say because it's my baby and both of mine and my baby's safety is important. my husband supports this as well. why the discrimination towards csect? to me, both are the same. you deliver your baby and that's it. there's no right or wrong way. there's no such thing as natural is the right way to motherhood. what bullshit is that? both are the way to motherhood. dont be disheartened that you opt of csect. it's ok.

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11mo ago

Thank you for sharing dear.. I feel better somehow I’m not alone… 🥲❤️

Go with your gut feelings. Ask your gynae for his/her professional advice on the risks of each delivery method for this 2nd childbirth. (cos some gyane does not recommend natural birth after the 1st c-sect). Ultimately you have to be comfortable with your choice and your gynae's method. There's is absolutely nothing wrong with going a 2nd c-sect because you are comfortable with the procedure (as long as you weigh in the risks with your gynae). :) While there may be people who discourage you, there are also fellow mummies within the communitt who respect your decision. Jia You and all the best wishing you smooth pregnancy + delivery! *hugs

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I am expecting my first and hopefully all goes well till my baby’s birth. But I too am looking into doing csect and have zero care about others who keeps encouraging natural birth. It’s your body, and your child. Pay no attention to what others think and just go for it. I pray this journey of yours will be smooth and that youll have good support throughout!

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11mo ago

Thank you for your kind words. I pray you have a smooth pregnancy journey too. It’s a memorable experience 🥰

My #1 was born via emergency csec after a long labour too. This time round I'm just going to opt for scheduled c sec based on my gynae's advice after my 1st birth. I had every intention to give birth naturally for my #1 but now I think just choose whichever way you want and be happy.

I had natural birth for #1 and #2. But now, I am thinking of c sect for #3 cos I am not sure if my backache can take it. I took epidural for my first 2 pregnancies. So I am wondering if with c sect, I can avoid epidural.