Constipation During Pregnancy, AGAIN😓

Hi mummies May i know how you guys soothe constipation? Other than taking otc meds and drinking prune juice and plain water. I had this problem for my 3pregnancies. But.. With my secondborn i have a bad constipation. And even though i didnt strain, it gets a bad swell down there that during appt i cried while doing cervix check and all cause the numb pain is still there. And because of that, my current pregnancy, im having it again. Afraid it will be the same or worst. Trying my best to avoid that again. Also there are times i didnt strain, only pressure to poop, but i can feel the swell/piles? Im worried it might get serious or complicated in near future. Esp nearing my edd. Help. Also im currently at 19weeks.

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I have a tiny cup of yogurt and is magic for me. yacult sometimes work. towards third trimester, coconut water works too. good stuff :P