Constipation During Pregnancy, AGAIN😓

Hi mummies May i know how you guys soothe constipation? Other than taking otc meds and drinking prune juice and plain water. I had this problem for my 3pregnancies. But.. With my secondborn i have a bad constipation. And even though i didnt strain, it gets a bad swell down there that during appt i cried while doing cervix check and all cause the numb pain is still there. And because of that, my current pregnancy, im having it again. Afraid it will be the same or worst. Trying my best to avoid that again. Also there are times i didnt strain, only pressure to poop, but i can feel the swell/piles? Im worried it might get serious or complicated in near future. Esp nearing my edd. Help. Also im currently at 19weeks.

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Super Mum

Hey mama, Hang in there! To start, progesterone is the culprit of your constipation as it causes the muscles in your digestive tract to relax - food thus hangs around in your gut. Some other things you can do: 1) cut back on the white stuff - white breads, rice, noodles and sub with whole grains coz these are great fibre powerhouses 2) don’t max out mealtimes - meaning eat smaller meals and more frequently. So instead of 3 large main meals, you could have 3 smaller meals and snacks in between or 6 smaller meals 3) green leafy veggies, legumes, fruits like papaya are great for getting your bowels going 4) regular exercise - this causes movement in the bowels and encourages regular bowel movement. Even a 10 minute daily walk will help 5) you need to drink at least 2L of water everyday 6) this is one ive tried and tested - a could of slices of lemon in warm water in the morning really helps me in the morning and also energises me for the rest of the day Hope these help!

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4mo ago

The water really helps! I take a giant bottle everywhere with me and fill it with lemon slices and ice water so it’s more pleasant. Aim to drink over 2L a day and it definitely helps me go more often. Also, I bought these tucks cooling pads, was supposed to be for postpartum but I’ve been using them when I get piles now too.

Use a squat stool so that your posture mimic squatting over the toilet bowl. It helps me minimize the abrasion when poop comes out. Other secret weapons I have are daily yakult or probiotics supplement and yellow dragon fruit

I have a tiny cup of yogurt and is magic for me. yacult sometimes work. towards third trimester, coconut water works too. good stuff :P