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Hi mummies! Can I have recommendations for good newborn baby formula milk? Thank you!

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I currently use NaN Optipro 1 for my 26days old and I feel like it's okay because she doesn't reject feeding, poo is normal and lesser spit ups Previously we tried before NaN Optipro HA 1 but that's for babies with allergies so we changed it up. But because of the iron content in this fomular, baby poo will be green and fart & poo will be super smelly. However this is normal as assured by Nestle's consultant (I've called them to ask) We also used Enfamil A+ stage 1 but realise with that my newborn gets constipation so we changed it to NaN. Have to try and error to see which fomular your baby suits better. But can try NaN or Simulac(heard good review but didnt try before). Good luck!

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I used Enfamil