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Hi mummies, any recommendations for good formula milk ? For Newborn. And does anyone use grow baby formulas Is it good ? #firsttimemom #pleasehelp #advicepls

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hi mummy. for formula, you have to trial and error. as long as baby's poop is soft and not watery/hard and baby accepts. my 3rd newborn was on grow (fed him grow cos KKH was using that formula when i gave birth to him last month) and i think he didn't like the taste cos he always doesn't finish his feed. also, he had runny stools and diarrhea . switched formula and my son drank a whole lot better and his poop was perfect too. all the best! 💕

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as in abott Grow Baby milk powder? my girl drank ever since newborn. till now. recently change to stage 3. so far so good. No problem at all. weight is always abit more than normal. 😅 but also need to depends on ur NB.

Hello Mummy , i give my newborn Enfamil pro and she always vomit then i change to enfamil gentleease also the same . Now im using Karihome (goats milk). She’s ok with it . Didnt vomit.

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yes! Grow mummy here! my first born milk from month til his 26mos. second child now, give same for first 3 days while waiting for milk to let down. and Alhamdullilah all is well,

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My baby is drinking Aptamil gold + . So far so good. He doesn't have any allergic reactions to it. Was drinking it before I was even recommended by my gynae to try.

No good milk, no bad milk, only suitable milk. 😊 Different baby suit different milk. My baby took NAN Optipro HA. No constipation no rashes.


guess this defers baby to baby as how pregnancies defer... sampled many brands... value for money mamil good enough for my kidz


i use nan supreme pro ha, gentle on babys stomach and has all the nutritions! its almost as close as giving breastmilk.

Hi Mommy, I gave my newborn Similac and till now he still drinking it. I think it depends on your baby. 😊

Look for the right medically approved claims on packs to choose the right formula milk