hi mummies, i have an appointment with the Gynae next week. my other will be on June, when i come about 20weeks together with ultrasound and seeing the gynae again. i thought if it is not necessary for me to visit the Gynae especially during this pandemic i would give it a miss and head for the 20weeks appointment instead. what do you mummies think?

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If your pregnancy is low risk and there’s no special scan/test scheduled for next week, then it’s up to your comfort level whether you want to go:) I don’t think I went for any official appointments between 12 weeks+ and 22 weeks. Heh. But some mummies want to see how their babies are doing.. so it’s up to you

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If there is no test/scan required and you are not in high risk pregnancy, then as long as you feel no discomfort, you may skip. For us, we will go as per scheduled, won't skip any.

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It’s good to go as Gynae check up is essential