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Hello Mummies, I have a 2 year old toodler who keeps on throwing tantrums whenever she dont get the things she wants. She would throw herself on the floor, rub her knees on the floor, put her face on the floor and non stop crying until we give in. We tried methods like threatening her with a cane or walking away or avoid eye contact with her. We tried telling her nicely and in a firm tone but obviously it didnt work. We also tried to give her space to cry as in to vent and we just sat there to watch her but what really make me angry is when she hurt herself like throwing herself backwards and the back of the head hits the floor. Can any fellow mummies share your advise? Is she going the terrible two phase? I am a FTM here.

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Super Mum

Hey mama, I’m no expert but what I do is I too wait for my son to go through the tantrum but safely. So if need be I’ll grab him and hold him tight while he throws a fit and assure him that he’s safe and that I know it’s tough. From what I’ve read, it happens because the emotion they’re experiencing is tough for them. I also let them know that it’s okay to be angry and to feel that way. But to take it out on someone or themselves is not good and sometimes not safe. Dun know if this will work for you.

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