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Hi mummies, I am going to have my NIPT at NUH soon. I was wondering whether the results including gender get emailed to you as soon as they are ready, or do you have to wait til your gynae appointment? Thanks!

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Hello! I did my NIPT too at NUH. The results was only shared during our subsequent checkup session. If you would like to know earlier, u might wanna check with ur gynae if they could disclose the results to u via email or phone.

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hi how much was nipt in nuh

My gynae said you actually can request the result to be sent to you via email after 2 weeks from the sample collection if I remember correctly. By default, the result will be revealed to you in your next appointment.

My gynae staff asked me whether want the result to be sent via email or wait for the next appt. I prefer to read on the email. At least wait for 2 weeks only, rather than 4 weeks (gynae next visit).

I recently did my NIPT test at NUH as well and they only scheduled the reveal of the results one month ltr

you can call the gynae clinic and ask! mine actually called me to inform me of the result :)

Will have to wait for the next gynae appointment for the results. :)

wait for Dr's appointment

have to wait till appt