OGTT Test Results

Hi mummies, anyone did your OGTT test at NUH? I did mine 2weeks ago and have not received any news so far. Are we supposed to call them up for the results or wait til the next gynae appointment? Cos my next appointment is not until the end of this month... quite worried abt the results

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Hi, I had mine last week at NUH. Nurse said no call means good news as the results are received on the same day. So no call means yay no GD!


you can check via healthub app the same night. but generally if no issues, there will be no call

I would think they would have called you if results were undesirable! Dun worry :)

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Usually no news is good news ◡̈ no call probably no issues with your results

If no one calling you means it’s a good news!

no new = good new. do check healthhub

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probably means results ok

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no news is good news

thank you all! ❤