Introducing solids..

Hi Mummies.. I am a FTM.. Introducing solids to my lo soon.. Can you suggest what are the essentials utensils I need to purchase to prepare.. too many things online and I dont want to make unncessary purchases. And if there is any brand that you will recommend too.. Thanks in advance! ?

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Many things need to be steamed and blended/mashed. You can do it the traditional way, or if you’re okay to spend some money, electric baby food makers are pretty convenient. I’m using the Philips Avent one. There are also manual baby food maker sets you can find. A lot cheaper.. essentially.. things to help you mash and prepare the food. But you will also only be able to prepare much smaller portions. For me, for certain things like baby noodles/pasta/cereal, I cook/prepare them on the spot. But there are also things like purees that I prepare in batches and freeze, so I have food grade material freezable food trays (they look like ice trays), so I get cubes of food (different sizes available) and I can just heat up one cube at a time in the microwave oven. Of course, to feed baby, get some spoons and bowls. You’ll probably start off feeding baby, then gradually let your LO try self feeding. There are some special forks and spoons that make it easier for baby to self feed but of course, they’re more expensive, and not absolutely necessary. Enjoy your feeding journey!

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2y ago

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! 😊😊


Steamer blender is the thing you need. I will recommend tommee can check my ig @MummyJLife how i use it before you purchased. Its super helpful for me.

2y ago

Hi, Thank you for your suggestion. I'll check it out 😊

Dont have to invest in steam blender. Just a normal blender is enough as it will be redundant after 3 months when baby starts porridge.

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Maybe some freezable containers to put some of the purees you want to batch make and freeze

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Slow cooker- cook porridge Blender- you can blend fruits into puree


I only bought spoon