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Hi mummies as i am entering 3rd trimester i have been trying to sleep on my side. However, somehow i always sleep on side and part of my stomach. I am afraid this is gonna hurt the baby, anyone has the same experience? How to make sure we sleep totally on the sides without changing position? I use pregnancy pillow but it doesn’t seem to help

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Same, I am too entering 3rd trim and have been trying a new sleeping position which greatly helped me relieve round ligament pains. I sleep on the left side with a bolster supporting the back (make sure this is pressed closely to your back to provide support). Small rolled up towel (adjust heigh accordingly) and put it under bump for support. Previously was using a small pillow but found it to be too high cuz bump is not that big yet and has caused me pain on my right side when I wake up. And then hug another bolster on left side. Make sure knees are symmetrical and try to sleep with back straight (not curved up) so there’s no pressure on bump and helps me breathe easier. I’ve slept like this and successfully woke up on left side for a few nights now. Hope this helps. :)

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I find that is quite impossible to sleep totally on the sides without changing position. Make a conscious effort to sleep on your left so that more oxygen flows to the baby. Last time I asked my Gynae about sleeping position but he didn’t really say much about sleeping on one side as long as we don’t sleep on the stomach. Sleep on part of stomach sometimes unknowingly is ok cos we will toss and turn esp in 3rd tri

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Both pregnancy of mine I sleep in seating position. Pillows support back, sides and I use neck rest as support. I can't sleep on side ways with or without using pregnancy pillow as I feel pain and heavy. I only use the pregnancy pillow first and second tri.

i am in my week 34, i feel very hard to sleep in either positions. i will turn any sides that i feel comfortable (not facing down). i used firm pillows on my back and near tummy to support the weight.

I’m on my 3rd tri too. It’s really hard to find the right position of sleeping. My butt actually pain coz of sleeping on the side. So mostly i put small pillow underneath my butt and sleep upward.