Sleeping on the left and side - 6th month of pregnancy

Hi Mummies, Should we compulsory be sleeping on left hand side or can we sleep on either side? I am worried as in my sleep I shift my sides from left to right and it might harm the baby. Currently in the 6th month of pregnancy #advicepls #pleasehelp

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I tried to sleep on my left side but apparently my baby doesn’t to like it as much. She kicks so much most of the times when I try to sleep on my left. So basically I will listen to her call whether do I sleep on my left or right 😂 I did some reading and most of the articles mention that even sleeping on the left is the recommended side, both left and right is fine as long as you are sleeping on your side, not supine.

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When you’re awake and lying down (play phone etc) just lie on your left. When you’re sleeping (in deep sleep) just let it be, left or right is fine. You can lay slightly on your left and put a pillow at your back. Don’t worry too much over the sleeping position, until you reach 8-9months, you’ll probably want to sit up and sleep already 😅

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2y ago

Okay. Thank you so much

me too. Its very uncomfortable for me to sleep on the left side. But I felt that having good sleep is important for baby growth too, just sleep on whichever side you are comfortable with, as long as not on the back.

2y ago

Yeah. I just focus on sleeping on the side :)

No, as long u feel comfortable at either side even though doctor would recommend to left side.. try not to be on ur back cos pressing your backbone..

My gynae suggests to sleep on left side.. more oxygen to flow to the baby


whichever side you are comfortable with, is fine. wont harm baby. :)