Harmony test waiting results

Hi mummies, i did my harmony test at KKH on 14.3.2022. Now is after 10 day working days and didnt receive any call from KKH. I guess this is good news right.... I'm so worried.. need to wait till my next appointment which is 2 more weeks to go. 😔

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If have anything bad… they will call you within 3 days based on actual experience as they will need to schedule you to meet the doctor to further discuss the report.

6mo ago

sincerely thanks for the info!

Usually no call = good news. If there’s anything they will most probably want to inform you asap.

6mo ago

thanks! hope for the best

No call is good news. You can also check the result via healthhub app. 😊

6mo ago

can we? i tried to log in everyday but no reports leh. even my oscar blood result done 1 month ago not there also. so i dont think can access leh..

no news = gd news. they will only call you if there is any issue.