Cramps and pains

Hi mummies. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant, baby is head down. Just wondering if its normal to feel alot of pressure down there and pains especially after sitting or lying at side for too long?

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Yes, it’s normal. 20 weeks is when baby is still relatively low but of significant weight already. I also feel a lot of pressure in lower abdomen when I was 20 weeks. And worse when you start feeling fetal movements, baby kicks you right in the cervix. But around 22 weeks or so baby will start moving up and the pressure will slowly be relieved. So don’t worry about it. :) But also because baby move up, you will have other problems like acid reflux and nearing 3rd trimester breathing difficulty. But take one step at a time.

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I started feeling the same but around 26th week, by then my baby was 700gm already. So i feel it’s quite normal. I guess it depends on how much weight you are gaining.If u have any bleeding etc then contact your doctor. Try some light stretching yoga poses.

Yesss! Altho my baby is breech and not head down, i always get cramps especially below the belly. But as baby grow big, currently 25 w, altho the weight is still there, it feels more comfortable than it was during 20w. Or maybe i got used to it

I felt like this from 26 weeks. Recommend some prenatal yoga, massage or osteopath, it helped me a lot to lessen the pain!

Yes it is normal but it gets better as the baby starts moving up