Normal to feel breathless lying down

Hi mummies! At 30+w and tend to find it a bit breathless when i lie down and trying to sleep. Sometimes after meals too when sitting up. Is this normal?? Any remedy? #firstbaby #advicepls

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same here. apparently its normal. so it has been sleepless nights for me. usually i will fall asleep at 7am ish. lucky me i'm a stay home mother and my 7 year old has already gone to school by then 😅 try elevate with pillows when sleeping sometimes it helps

2y ago

we're almost to the finish line mommy! u can do this ☺️

yes it’s totally normal. the weight of the baby is pushing your organs including lungs! remedy comes when you deliver baby 😂😂

2y ago

Oh no.. it’s quite hard to fall asleep. I tried elevating my pillow 😂 helped A LITTLE. But okay good to know, thanks 😊

I feel breathless whenever I lie down. I just switch position and it’ll get slightly better

Yes totally normal! I usually sleep facing the left, it helps 😉