Pregnant after starting new job

Hi mummies! I accepted a job offer and then found out I was pregnant. Currently at 9weeks now and trying to keep this a secret till my probation ends in early November. I was planning to let my boss know of my pregnancy after I've been confirmed (or maybe a month after confirmation). My worry is that I might be terminated when they get informed. I know it's kinda illegal to terminate pregnant employees, but do workplaces secretly practice this as well? I don't want to lose my job as the pay during maternity leave would really help a lot 😢

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It depends. Most employers with heart will not terminate an employee who is pregnant. But I'm not as lucky. I met a heartless employer who himself is an O&G doctor some more. I told my boss honestly that I'm pregnant as my morning sickness is very bad and I suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum. I was admitted to hospital a few times and had no choice but to take HL. My doctor even wrote a memo to my employer to explain my condition. But my employer terminate me when I'm on HL. He is the worst and most heartless O&G doctor I ever seen. If u can't even understand the pain that pregnant women are going through, how can you be an O&G doctor who see pregnant patients? Too many ugly things about him that patients don't know. Otherwise, they will be so disappointed that the fatherly doctor they thought is actually that evil. But not all companies are like mine. Some companies can be very supportive too.

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I accepted a job offer and served 2 months notice to my ex company. a few days before I started my new job I found out I was pregnant. initially I have the same thinking as you I was planning to only inform after my probation period is over. however, 1 month or less into the new job I started to have morning sickness and I even had 1 week of diarrhoea (requested to wfh with reason of not feeling too well). when I return to office I upfront told my boss (a lady) that I am expecting and I need to wfh as I have morning sickness. and luckily she was kind she allow me to wfh. in fact they let me wfh til I gave birth and maternity leave end then I return to work.

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I found out I was pregnant a week before I started my new job. I waited until 3 months before I told my boss. It's not cos of probation period, it was more to do with the reason that I wanted only to tell when I have passed the first trimester. But my boss was understanding and told me that pregnancy shouldnt stop a woman from having a career, so yeap! lucky me!

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I believe for this best to inform once your position is confirmed. And i dont think theyll terminate you as per MOM, you are entitled to maternity leave as long as youve worked for atleast 3 months. If they decide to terminate you because of your pregnancy, you can report to MOM

9mo ago

Thank you for your advice 🙏

If your boss really terminate you because you are pregnant and not on reasonable grounds, you can lodge a complaint on unfair dismissal. Please approach TAFEP and the officers can help -

Informed after confirmation. If really terminate, dun scare. can go MOM, TAFEP, MP those de. Then most prob co will compensate you.

yes report to MOM if they terminate u. 9 mths still a long way to go so they shld not terminate u just bcoz u are pregnant. JY

9mo ago

Thank you! Will keep that in mind

Same situation. I’m trying to keep it in until probation is over before considering letting my manager know.

9mo ago

JY! Hope things go well for you