Hi mummies, I will be 40 weeks tomorrow and seems baby is very comfortable inside. No sign of contraction or anything at all. My gynae already arrange for inducement on Friday but Im worried coz heard if no sign of contraction, inducement will be more painful. Any advise to try to kick start contraction naturally??

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Ur first pregnancy? Yes it’s more painful for inducement compared to natural contraction. Good thing for inducement is that u can plan for ur delivery and avoid ur baby from growing too big which will cause u difficulty in having natural birth.

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Congrats! This is something i am also worrying too!! Im 38 weeks alr! But do some squats at home!! I also trying my best to relax and talkto baby. Jiayou!

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Do more squats or have sex! (Semen is a good softener for the cervix!) Have you ask your gynae to do a membrance sweep to kick start the labour?

2y ago

Is it safe to have sex at this time ? I'm 38weeks now , do not have any sign yet

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Don think too much.. jus be natural. Even if baby doesnt wan to come out nvm lah!!

Walk a lot!!!!! Keep doing walking and it would help.

walk, climb stairs, do squats, and talk to baby!

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The baby hears you! Talk to him/ her :)

any dilation though?

Talk n talk to baby!