coconut water during third trimester

Hi mummies, May I know which week do you start drinking coconut water? I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant. Thank you!

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i drank anytime during my pregnancy. hubby said baby came out clean hahaha i didnt managed to see as im dizzy with laughing gas 😂

i drink after 7 month onwards. My baby come very clean. I’m 35 weeks pregnant now and its the best time to drink. I drink everyday.

Week 28 I to start drink, 1 week 1 time. Then now week 34, almost everyday I am drinking coconut water. 😂

which brand coconut juice is good has I don't have any place near my area selling fresh coconut juice


7 month onwards. Green coconut every week 1.

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week 36, twice a week. fresh coconut water from hawker

Most people will start at 36 weeks. I started at 34weeks

I will drink it every week in my last lap. Its good for the baby

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I have started from my 2nd trimester onwards

why we need to drink it

2y ago

both my elder babies came out very clean with no cradle cap 😊